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Brian Dullaghan and the Funky Fossil Band – Tyrannosaurus rex

New additions


· Hadding, A., 1929: The pre-Quaternary sedimentary rocks of Sweden. III. The Paleozoic and Mesozoic sandstones of Sweden.


· Hadding, A., 1933: The pre-Quaternary sedimentary rocks of Sweden. V. On the organic remains of the limestones: A short review of the limestone forming organisms.


· Isberg, O., 1934: Studien über Lamellibranchiaten des Leptaenakalkes in Dalarna: Beitrag zu einer Orientierung über die Muschelfauna im Ordovicium und Silur [Studies on lamellibranchs of the Leptaena limestone in Dalarna: Contribution to an orientation on the bivalve fauna in the Ordovician and Silurian].